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Ahahahahahhahahahaahahahah… and phew!

Okay so today I headed off to Nosh for bread and spinach (seriously they have the cheapest baby spinach anywhere… it’s crazy) and then to Geoff’s for supplies for Shae.

I don’t know if I managed to get any… hmm.. oh yes I did 🙂 Anyway I was walking around picking up bits and pieces, cheap dye (four bottles of scarlet at $2.95 each and two coffee colour for the same) as i thought I would get the red dye just in case I ever found some silk or viscose charmeuse for a reasonable price at any colour between white and orange/pink to make my lining for Mina. And the coffee was to overdye my crinkle cotton for Movie version Shaak Ti.

I did also pick up some paint pallettes to use for ear buds for Shae.

And I thought I should just check to see if they had a chunky knit for TFU Shaak Ti which they didn’t but I think I know what to do about as a back up.

On the way out I thought I may just wander past the satins just to see if they had anything that wasn’t poly or acetate. Acetate will dye but it is always so horrible to touch. And there it was.

A roll of unassuming mushroom-beige charmeuse that had wrinkles. Wrinkles. This means one of two things it is either silk or viscose, either way it will dye nicely! A check rinkle check and yet it wrinkles in the hand. Definitely going to dye up. So then I look for a price. The tag just says 85m so it either came from a bolt of 85m or the decemal place was missing 😉
inside the roll it said 3.

Yes. $3/m dyeable charmeuse.

I bought the roll of 10m exactly and 6m is dyed with the red dye I bought, the rest dyed to a more coral red for making a lining for the skirt as there was a bit of dye bath left over that was just not quite enough for a rich red. I think it is a silk/viscose mix based on how it feels. It feels like a very soft variation of the fabric redthreaded kindly sold me years ago for my Worth Gown- that is a project for next year. For definite now that i have my rigid bustle 🙂

And the scarlet dye? Wonderful. It says it isn’t colourfast but it is really working well.

Currently waiting for the wash to finish and then to wash the Shaak Ti skirt. That has dyed beautifully too. A nice slightly rusty brown. I used a touch of the red in with the two coffee pots so that helped 🙂
I also put the black top in with the red to hopefully tone it to a dark brown. As it was second hand it had faded to a dark charcoal so the red should lift it to deep rich brown.

So yay. Aside from needing the scarf and tabbard I have movieverse Shaak Ti XD So very happy about that 🙂 She is a little more appropriate for children than TFU and my own creation though she was definitely a hit with kids too 🙂 I think it was because I had a mini saber for them to hold 😉 The thing about how I made mine is that it is safe for kids and can be repaired easily after 😉

Anyway I am now itching to work on Mina! But the workroom is no place for all that silk at all. too much latex and resin and powder…

I did also pick up more sandpaper and coveralls and a few light up things.

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