Not all the stripes are mine! Now this really makes me want to try for a very stripey pattern next time… I want a real jungle type shoot where the markings really make so much sense 🙂

I always thought Shaak Ti reminded me of a kind of predatory herbivore 😉 The red is very clearly a natural colouration for “Beware, danger” while her stripes allow blending into long grasses but the horns remind me of antelope.

Photo by Sylvie, Wellington Botanic Gardens 🙂

The tentacles.. well okay then I think of an octopus, but mainly because on our own planet they tend to belong in the sea. And they are dextrous.

Prehensile tails then? Tiger tails.

I have mentioned the moth butt in my livejournal. The rear lekku in shape is very much that of a butterfly or moth. It’s one of the reasons I really love her over the other aliens in the saga, there are so many visual references.

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