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I found my turquoise cotton net 🙂 A boil with pre-dye in the morning and it shall be all set to be ironed and pinned in place to the back of the skirt panel. I am not sure if I should leave it in one big piece or to cut it to fit. I would be able to use a smaller piece that way and still have a cute little regency overgown out of the rest.

I also took four renaissance dresses and nearly all my accessories and patterned them. I am nearly caught up with my SCA garb to be miniaturised into scale diagrams and then I can start on my Victorian stuff 🙂 I am not looking forward to pinning and marking out the bodices but so it goes.
So I did:
Anna Meyer
Koeln blue wool
Koeln red linen
Westfalen stripy
four kleyrn (velveteen and gold border, velveteen, wool, heavy linen)
two pairs fitted sleeves (reversable silk, linen)

Not bad for one night 🙂

I have my two schauben and kirtle and maybe a few hemden to go.

I’ll definitely do my Lizzy dress and Wishing dress (which was patterned like this anyway but I seem to have lost the diagram…) I have done the sleeves of my 1830s dress already and have my test pattern for the Sunburst dress too. Not sure how many of my media recreation items will work in a 1/10 scale. Not many anyway.

I am debating on how to repair this dress:
I should use black velvet to repair it I know. All the black has been removed as it got rather ratty after being washed (post fire). I was thinkign maybe a dark blue but I do think the black velvet worked very well as a contrast.

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