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I have a giant embroidery frame 🙂 Well not giant.. 80cm by 50cm kind of big 🙂 Big enough that I’ll be able to do my skirt panels for my Worth gown and my applique for the hannibal skirt and the applique for my Han-fu 🙂

it is made from the remnants of wood trimming from the rebuild of the house and some 1/8″ bolts. I’ll pad it up in the morning and start work on the Han fu then 🙂 I’ll also have a hunt around for my heat n bond and red velvet to see if I can get my hannibal applique shapes worked up. Speaking of which, I do need to hunt for the cale diagram I did.

I’ll be drawing my Worth skirt design on the back of the skirt panels and free handing the design with my machine, all the lines where the beads will go. This will give me the advantage of making the fabric even more stable, make the cuts more stable and leave no marks on the front of the dress. Brilliant 🙂 I’ll use tailors chalk as it will rub off fairly quickly.

OK while my computor and modem reconnect I shall go doodle and get that sorted.

Oh and bloody flickr. Those pictures were actually about 4000 pixels high so I’ll get cropping as you could see the stitches even. Nothing about scaling images in the pages where you upload, and I didn’t see any obvious links regarding it. So I’ll go hunt out further in their T&C 😉

I’m thinking about that strawberry bink and black velvet dress in harper’s Bazaar too. I have some ice blue fabric that could be really pretty made up that way. Ooh or my red cotton sateen.

Right. Big list of fabrics I have and projects I want to do coming up soon. Then I can shed my stash and focus on what I love 🙂

Connection restored after an hour and some doodling 😉

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