sunburst update

Had a good chat with A. tonight about some stuff.

Also am going to look at a few long term projects. The Worth Gown is one. I’ll start tracing the design on the skirt asap and can slowly start building up the pearling from the centre of the design out. So clouds first beams next. My skirt panels may be altered to match the originals, but given the design is the same on different skirt shapes I can probably leave it as it is. Though I was looking forward to the challenge of the beading going over a couple of seams 🙂
I placed my chiffon over the dressform to see if I will have enough for the ruffles and I think I will.

A quicker project shall be my hunting outfit. I will probably Steam punk it a lot in terms of accessories rather than the ensemble itself.

And I have an original item I am finalising plans for.

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