2009 to make list

Current list of things to make this year:

May Crown: robes and kirtle. Comfy gear. Will make a matching hat if I have time. Christina was in Brussels at the time, and the style of dress she is wearing really reflects that. So I may have to do a bildindex search for similar items that are not clearly mourning attire. That said… how long was she expected to be in mourning? Then again Mary of Hungary wore “mourning” clothes for most of her life so I suspect there is a better definition of terms for the type of dress they are both wearing.
Possibly a Gothic Cologne dress. I have the fur and I have the wool. Another comfy dress. I would need a new headddress (my hennin would have been perfect except I have more hair now than when I made it- during the time I lost 1/2 my hair.

September: Trash to Fashion. As I am doing workshops for it this year I am probably going to go see the show so I would like something nifty to wear. And a recycled costume would be good.

October: Armageddon. I have a couple of plans…..

November: November Crown. Ummm…. hopefully use what I have already made 😉

OK, not so bad. I would like to do my Worth Gown as well and as I have billions of tiny pearls I may be able to work on that while I travel. Beading needles and thread cutters can be tossed quite happily 🙂 So Oamaru would be lovely to get to. Sigh.

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