sunburst progress

Actual work on the Sunburst dress! I just cut the skirt and train from the silk Cindy sent me last year sometime. I also overlocked all the edges (ewww) so that I could wash and then remove all the dye. It needs to be washed quite desperately. There is soot and water stains all over it from the fire. The good news is that it is mainly on the back not the satin. Also it helps the Dye-gon work better.

So now I get to hunt out my embroidery pattern and transfer it to some card so i can then use it as a stencil and pounce some marks to the silk. Or I may be able to mark it in heavy ink on the card and trace onto the silk once all the dye is removed.

I also bought green and maroon threads to put in the overlocker so I can test the Dawn and bind the edges of the velveteen for my big Victorian.

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