drafting bodices

Well the pattern wasn’t actually that bad. The main issue was I was measuring myself sans corset which is not a good idea;) and the other issue was the angle of the front panels. The armhole wound up perfect, but then the shoulder seam didn’t meet up at the neck and the bust wound up in the hollow above the bust..

So¬† think I know why it didn’t work (the diagram just didn’t show how to work out certain angles) and I made the pieces too large. It didn’t take too long to fix though.

I used it to cut the grey fabric for the day dress bodice, but not the sleeves yet. I’ll take them from my “Bella” bodice as they fit nicely now.

The pattern I drafted for the Hindi Wedding dress (Moulin Rouge) will do for the front and side gores of my Worth gown. I will just need to work out what to use for the back (that will be covered by the train.) I mean both for shape and material.

Thinking about the embroidery… The pearling is probably no more than what I did for the Black Diamonds costume. I have the numbers somewhere for how many I did but it was around 1,500 (individuually sewn.) This is just over a wider space….

So… I’m a little stalled because I need another intra-articular shot before I can actually sew again.

*twiddles one thumb*

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