deciding on the sunburst

I’m reading an 1890s dressmaking manual and at the same time pondering the pattern from Cut of Women’s Clothes of the same time. The pattern now makes so much sense in light of what was expected.

It makes me wish I had more out of copyright resources to share as well. I will get a lot of my Girl’s Own Annual scanned, as soon as I have easy access to the scanner again. But before that I really ought to type out the text for what I have so far for the trousseau…..


Ok I have looked through the entire manual since writing the above and have started my pages for my Worth gown. It is separated into the main page (basic information and eventually photos of the completed gown) and sections on the patterning (the manual has really clarified some issues for me) dress diary, the embroidery progress and the other bits and pieces to make the ensemble complete.

For a sneaky peeky before I start writing the important stuff and getting thumbnails working:

So there you go, the project is no longer secret and I am now forced to actually get my tooshie into gear and make it! While it was secret I would always pretend it was something else… not so anymore;)

All of today (aside from pill pickups and mail drops) was spent hunting down all my 1885-1995 patterns of pattern diagrams and now I think I have the way to draft it and construct it.

I am completely mad as there is so much cutting and pearling….

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