sunburst coco dreaming

Seeing all your Costume College pics (and how cool is it to see so many of you in one spot!!!! I mean really:) ) has made me slightly sad, but only bceause it would take a massive fundraising effort to get there and I dinnae think it’s going to happen. But it’s also been great because it has spurred me into action to start my Worth gown right now. Plotting of the beading and patterning and working out what dyes to use…

But also it’s set me to dreaming. What would I do if I did get to CC.

Well I think the only class I could really teach is German Frocks, going beyond the Saxon Court Gown because it’s an opportunity to talk about that style and all the wonderfully quirky styles elsewhere in the region.

For the Gala it would the Worth Gown of beaded doom, so I would have to stay away from food and anyone eating food or anyone with makeup… 😉

I’d make some pretty speccie undies to go with it, corset and petticoat and knickers and have some fancy stockings… and hope to find some louis heeled cream stain shoes…. in case the underwear gathering happens again;)

The day dress I’m currently working on, as it’s rather severe and quite a contrast to the Worth Doom dress. And would use the same support.

Or… Maybe I’d get to finally make that 1830s dress in the windowpane self check fabric in stash for about 5 yeras… and 1800s frock could be light to pack as well…

And what classes to attend would depend on what was on offer. But honestly, just being around so many people interested in the same thing would be incredible.

So off to hunt through stash for linings and dyes and the like.

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