pearled skirts

You do not see this. You understand? I am not linking to this because I do not want anyone to see it.

So there.

And I’m taking the hint. “My” pearled lattice net skirt is/was back on ebay* and now there is another netted gown. This dress is vaguely sort of-ish like the Worth gown I’m looking at. Certainly as mad with the beading. And the soft ruffles.

I want a print just to make this 1850s dress.

But could I wear it to the SCA?

That’s it I’m making a morning gown/wrapper.

17thC lace set used later?

The material of this gown is very similar to my late 40s/early 150s coat. I should get photos of it really. I love it. Huge flared sleeves, nipped in waist and very full skirts.



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