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Team NZ is still doing well…


Yesterday I managed to get to the library to pic up the ILL copy of The Opulaent Era. *happy* My dress is in black and white in there. But now I need to hunt down another photo I snaffled as it’s not in there. I may have to email the museum and find out what publications the images appears in. Luckily they have a smaller version of it on the web.

The Opulent Era describes the dress as 1887-1890, I tend to think it’s the later end as the skirt is rather flared compared to dresses of 1887. The dress pattern in Cut of Women’s Clothes for an 1893-4 dress has a very similarly shaped skirt. But there isn’t a similar bodice pattern anywhere. It’s the same as he used for a few with just a single dart under each bust that tends towards the centre front rather than the side. It also has a side bodice panel.

Now materials:
Satin, possibly from ELDAWEN345, fingers crossed, or else I’ll hunt around at Global for fabric.
Chiffon, I can dye it to the right colours from my chemise. I need to cut it down to make a single less full chemise anyway (after Coro!) and then I can use the rest for other projects.
Gold beads, I should have plenty, but if not I can buy some more a jar at a time. I think they are foil lined in the original
Gold sequins, yes, from the same source for my Stickelchen. I have plenty of them left and even more on other bits of the saree. I remember fromt he Worth to Dior exhibit here years ago that sequins were made on gelatin by now. Platsic is perhaps a safer option in Auckland humidity!
Pearls… yes… if I can bring myself to use plastic ones. I have heavily embroidered lace covered in three sizes of pearls that would be perfect. I do know the originals were glass, definitely not real… These are really lovely pearls though, I think I can bring myself to use them;)

Now to make myself a large enough frame to do all the embroidery on…

This is a seriously mad dress to make..

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