francaise and worth


I have my stupid mad Worth gown I am desperate to make, and I’ll start work on it after Coronation (fittings and such) but now I’m being distracted.

There is the prettiest shot taffeta in the local store right now. It reads as pale blue and is an aqua shot with white (the weft is white and of a slightly heavier thread.)

I just had inspiration hit for what it would be.

And I have no idea if or when it would happen. It’s an 18thC dress in Fashion. I’m not sure if anyone could guess what it is. The original is not blue;) In my printing the colour doesn’t match the description either. I prefer the colour in my printing.

If I was to say insane amount of hand sewing, it may not help either;) Though it is more than if I wanted regular self trimming. I couldn’t use my fly fringe on it though, and I have wanted a fly fringe covered dress since I bought Historical Fashion in Detail.
Oh heck. I may as well see how much fabric it uses. The fabric is 137cm wide and $NZ 12.99/m Not silk, but an absolutely well made poly. Visually because, of the white, it reads as at least partly silk. It’s only the sound that reads as man made. Well when you exaggerate the rustling.

I’ll have to think on this, and see what Global has in stock as I’m sure their midwinter sale will hit around the time of Coronation.

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