I just ordered The Opulent Era and Cut of Women’s Clothes by ILL. CoWC is not available until I get back from Coronaton anyway, so I can happily wait for that. But Opulent era is available now so I should get it by the end of the week:)

I’m interested in CoWC as I have only read about what it contains, the book is hidden in the Auckland City Library basement. I honestly thought they only had Cut of Men’s Clothes at that. I know some of the patterns overlap History of Costume and possibly Patterns of Fahsion, but it should still be worth the $5 charge?

I’m a little disconcerted as it says I have an outstanding charge for the Coppola and Eiko book. But I paid for it before I left the library, and it would have shown up as I picked up the second book. I’ll pop in tomorrow and see if I can find out what’s going on.

ooh! And I just spotted in Historical Fashion in Detail there were indeed spangles applied with a fastener type thing. Except in the examples, it’s not a bead but several loops of wire! They are early 17tHC though, but still.

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