-1887, sunburst, worth gown

Sunburst gown, by Charles Frederick Worth c1887-1890. Worn by Caroline Schermerhorn Astor Wilson. Metopolitan Museum, New York.
Pale yellow silk satin, silk chiffon in rainbow of hues, glass pearls, seed beeds, sequins, net.
The gown is seen in several publications.
1) History of Costume: From the Ancient Egyptians to the Twentieth Century; Blanche Payne; New York: Harper & Row, 1965
2) The opulent era : fashions of Worth, Doucet, and Pingat; Elizabeth Ann Coleman; New York: Thames and Hudson, 1989.
Both of the above used the same black and white photograph with a full mannequin. Another photograph is used on both the Metropolitan Museum of Art website and another publication for which I have unfortunately lost the details.

Another gown using the same skirt front was created a few years later and now resides in the Kyoto Costume Institute. This gown differs as it was made from a pale pink satin and followed the fashions of the later years with a plainer skirt, pouched front and large sleeves.

Sunburst Gown
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