sm-elsalittlnoise sm-minalittlenoise maleficent_4edit copy

Elsa photo by Little Noise || Mina photo by Little Noise || Maleficent photo by C.01 Photography

 DSC_9894 liara_02_by_static_sidhe-d4xe5ut IMG_4275m

Femshep photo by Little Noise || Liara photo by Little Noise  || Turian by MattG

neimhaille___leia_2_by_static_sidhe  sm_DSC_1370   sm-shaesns

Leia photo by Little Noise ||  Asajj Ventress- self portrait || Shae Vizla photo by XNS Impress

486807_10151276459189623_31019773_n  sm_IMG_3275m408887_10150648664671614_1452129625_n

Darth Talon (photo by Thomas Spanos) ||Shaak Ti, photo by SWNZ ||  Rachi Sitra, photo by R. Clarke

neimhaille___catwoman_2_by_static_sidhe sm_IMG_1554

Catwoman photo by Little Noise || Madame Vastra

wig work, make up, body art, armour, dance-wear, formal gowns, historic dress, embroidery, and finally large scale prosthetic work.

Costume maker and performance artist since 1999. Diploma of Performing Arts, 1997 Mistress of the Order of the laurel (Society of Crreative Anachronism)2007 Head coordinator and judge for New Zealand’s largest media costume competition from 2007-2014.