by michaela de bruce, September 12, 2014

My brunchcoat is still scaring the wildlife (cheeky bird anyway- the blackbird that has discovered the places where cat biscuits will be found) but not the ducks who see the merest hint of a human form and they waddle across the driveway.

I still have a dry nose (it feels scabby, niiice) and sore throat but now I have added sore wrists. Potentially due to the distracted immune system. So it means no sewing of the velvet sack. And it is a sack. It totally relies on the interior stay tapes, weight, drape, and body underneath.

Very happy to say it does mostly taper to the hem but with the flared back and centre front. It’ll be better once hemmed- at the moment the side fronts hang on the bias so pool on the ground and drag, which pulls the hem out.

I want to do a separate hem for the lining and shell. I know the train has a band of leather/leather look but I have no idea if that will work long term.

Feeling totally not at all glam, so no photos of the test fit today 🙂 The arm openings need steaming to help the lining and shell sit away from each other. Not something I want to do with a kettle or even iron. I may have to invest in a hand held steamer. I mean it would be nice for the Mina gown as well…



by michaela de bruce, September 10, 2014

Really?? There are people who enjoy chronic illnesses?

Today Mr Boo(Boo) had some minor surgery. He has growths on his ears and nose (the nose one is the worry) and they have been frozen off. His paw had several cuts on them and there was a small pocket of nasty fluid still that got aspirated. He also got his teeth cleaned and blood tests taken to check on general health.

He has been dopey and smoochy and now dopey and grumpy. But he has pain medication for the next few days as well as antibiotics.

I meanwhile may need more antibiotics. My tonsil are itchy again, my skin is gettig tiny sores all over it and I was unable to wake fully until about 1pm. Been hot and cold all day.

So, once again Mr Boo and I are on antibiotics at the same time.

Oh and I have not heard him…. pass wind.. before. But this time was impressive. Possibly part of the anaesthetic.

Meanwhile my horns look good 🙂 The prosthetics look good, my tabbard looks good. But they all need tweaking and it’s the kind of time consuming tweaking I am just too tired for.So I will have to book in again tomorrow and see if I can get a quick clinic with my GP to get more antibiotics. I’m not impressed by this infection, it’s coincided with a few insect bites and allergic reaction so… not happy Jan!




    • September 10, 2014

    Awe poor kitty, it’s amazing how resilient animal are to health issues, especially cats. He’s is white isnt he? They do tend to get skin cancers more easily than darker colours. My old buy Chino was a pale biscuit colour with a pink nose and ears and he had a problems there. But he carried on regardless. A few times had to stop him sun bathing!



by michaela de bruce, August 5, 2014

Not really, but they were a PITA to get to this stage. The glue on one side didn’t cure and so fell off and in the middle of mixing fibre and filler. This means a very short working time and so I tried all sorts of ways to get it stuck back on.

Heating the mix to make it cure faster? Nope. And my heat gun died. Sigh.

Cleaning and using a contact glue? Nope. Too much uncured resin around interfering on a chemical level.

Cleaning and using a hot glue gun?

I checked on the horns and they are still stable and the resin is curing. It’s still cold and malleable but working.


Also see if you can spot what I did. Sorry small image is small. But it’s not in the traffic but nearly centre of the photo…


And finally Mr Boo. Looking discombobulated after a bit of fur ball wheezing this morning. He always looks as if it is something happening to him by some unseen person. So a few pats and a warm toasty blankie and he was okay.



by admin, July 29, 2014

So I do admit to getting a buzz when people make the “ooo” face and  when they see my workroom 🙂

It’s not ego, well sort of, but it’s that same gleam of inspiration you get when you break down a complex process and Ideas ™ form in the other person.

Yes it’s fantastic and humbling when people appreciate your work but so much more when you see someone else thinking about their own potential.

It’s not about intimidation but about inspiration. It is probably the single biggest inspiration/motivation for me to keep going as well. So yes, it is partially selfish, except I rarely think about it in the moment, only after 🙂 So I will never ever ever want to give up one on one time with people who need an ear or maybe just a small hint in a direction they never thought of.

And it’s always interesting to see where eyes go first 🙂 Usually not to the floor (which I may as well just cover in self leveling epoxy at this stage, except lol, how??) or spider webs 🙂

Welcome to my costume wonderland, open for help or Ideas ™ or relaxing in a very green zone out west 🙂 I have a tea drop and even a heater 🙂

And occasional fuzzy or feathered visitors. Sadly mamma duck appears to have not survived her last clutch 🙁 Mr Boo loves it out there and occasionally a Mr Thomas (gingy boy) will nose around.