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Padme Progress

Taken from instagram posts 🙂 The bodice- so many gathers! It’s a mix of hand sewing and machining. Just need to add in the crossover support and then I can actually sew the hood and cape and sleeves in. Skirt progress. Two hours for the gathers and beads, and yet I am keen to keep …

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1840-1910 movies & tv

why one must use all resources!

After removing all the dye from my Sunburst silk I had another look at the information available. I wanted to see what the silk would do as UV light worked on the last remaining colour remover molecules. before even thinking about dyeing it. I can’t dye the skirt, it has already been fused to a …

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1500-1600 comics & cartoons movies & tv musicals

sewing day

I wound up breaking out the overlocker all day instead of working on horns. Which was probably wise. The rain is still leaving everything damp so curing would be risky. So I zipped around the edges of my Worth sunburst skirt (the satin is so perfectly buttery that it was just nice to do!) and …

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movies & tv

welp I was wrong!

So after finding the short cuts to delete selections and delete inverted selection I did isolate my horns in ReMake and I did then manage to get them into Sculptris and have been smoothing and pinching and generally finding it really pleasant. Intuitive I think. Just have to remember that there is a limited number …

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