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Printing woes

Well after the excitement of getting the printer to be aligned properly I am now in the situation of trying to make sure my prints adhere to the plate. The best point for adhesion is the middle of the plate, and my experience was that curling happened on part of the file that was printed …

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sewing day

I wound up breaking out the overlocker all day instead of working on horns. Which was probably wise. The rain is still leaving everything damp so curing would be risky. So I zipped around the edges of my Worth sunburst skirt (the satin is so perfectly buttery that it was just nice to do!) and …

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Barnes is here!! Henderson Auckland!!! !!!!!!! I can’t really justify 27kg of the stuff but they have the S foam 130 flex! This is what I used for my super squishy and very flexible Togruta headpieces 🙂 It’s a bit tricky when you don’t have a perfect mold that includes headcast but this time I do …

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