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Printing woes

Well after the excitement of getting the printer to be aligned properly I am now in the situation of trying to make sure my prints adhere to the plate. The best point for adhesion is the middle of the plate, and my experience was that curling happened on part of the file that was printed …

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Amazon references

Been fighting a few updating issues with my PC so getting to my blog has been a struggle for about a week. In that time I’ve been trying to grab all the amazonian behind the scenes of Wonder Woman as the costumes really fascinate me! There is not only a clear aesthetic but there seem …

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Padme Progress

Taken from instagram posts 🙂 The bodice- so many gathers! It’s a mix of hand sewing and machining. Just need to add in the crossover support and then I can actually sew the hood and cape and sleeves in. Skirt progress. Two hours for the gathers and beads, and yet I am keen to keep …

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can’t fit anything right now

I can’t fit as in the stage of the costume making process! But I have all the boning channels in The Mina finally and and at least can start putting in grommets and know about how much I can take in the sides. I just can’t do so on me due to the rib. I …

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think things are sorted…

Only photos so far are of Ahsoka sitting nicely on my head next step it to decide if I want to make that rigid section permanent and how much shaped padding to put in. But having the support in place now means that I can actyally make that shaping 🙂 A post on different SFX techniques …

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whoops, fell into a research rabbit warren

In order to figure out history of the gown I wound up with dozens of reference notes about the production of garments and how there are multiple copies and why. I still haven’t found the specific references I want (all secondary atm) but enough to feel confident in several statements made. But there are some conflicting …

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why one must use all resources!

After removing all the dye from my Sunburst silk I had another look at the information available. I wanted to see what the silk would do as UV light worked on the last remaining colour remover molecules. before even thinking about dyeing it. I can’t dye the skirt, it has already been fused to a …

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padme cutting

Finally got the last pieces of the bodice cut 🙂 This was exciting because yes it’s two layers even for these pieces- it looks really weird as a single layer. But I knew there was some clever use of stretch and basically was able to show it 🙂 This is a piece from the left …

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sewing day

I wound up breaking out the overlocker all day instead of working on horns. Which was probably wise. The rain is still leaving everything damp so curing would be risky. So I zipped around the edges of my Worth sunburst skirt (the satin is so perfectly buttery that it was just nice to do!) and …

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welp I was wrong!

So after finding the short cuts to delete selections and delete inverted selection I did isolate my horns in ReMake and I did then manage to get them into Sculptris and have been smoothing and pinching and generally finding it really pleasant. Intuitive I think. Just have to remember that there is a limited number …

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