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throwback thursday-barbieshep

In anticipation of @bioware @masseffect andromeda, #femshep #commandershepard Photos by @littlenoisephotography Costume, props, styling: michaela de bruce http://www.arrayedindreams.com/costume-portfolio/sci-fi-mass-effect/femshep/  

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featured finished works rock the frock

era: c1840 material: cotton with padded front found: 2004 I am fabiliar with padding being used in some later gowns- mainly areound the front of the armscye to help reduce wrinkles, but this is quite different. Also effective! This era is post romantic stays with the long rigid busk that pushed the bust upwards, and the …

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fitting wrinkles 1

I may have been reading too many of my Girl’s Own Annuals again! Anyway, fit has been on my mind a lot recently. I think there is a fear of fitting, and I totally get why. It’s incredibly invasive! If someone helps fit you they have to lay their hands on you and move your …

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the blog

Elsa photo by Little Noise || Mina photo by Little Noise || Femshep photo by Little Noise wig work, make up, body art, armour, dance-wear, formal gowns, historic dress, embroidery, and finally large scale prosthetic work. Costume maker and performance artist since 1999. Diploma of Performing Arts, 1997 Mistress of the Order of the laurel (Society of Creative …

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extant garments for study featured finished works

Marie Antoinette Stays

While these stays were worn for a specific scene, it is a really interesting look at how the bodices in general seem to have worked. It’s very modern in some aspects but not in others. So while not historically accurate in any way, it winds up as an interesting insight into Hollywood being creative, and also …

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featured finished works life with disability/illness

Rheumatoid life

Fatigue edition. I occasionally realise that people don’t experience pain in the same way, let alone experience different types of sources of pain. There are also different kinds of tiredness so that it can be hard to understand when someone with a fatigue symptom can appear to be okay. Tonight I was supposed to go to …

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Extant Gowns I adore-3

I’m cheating, these are all doublets. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Costume bodice, Spanish, possibly early 20th century, in the style of about 1600 If this is a copy it’s a remarkable wonderfully accurate copy! I know there was a lot of interest in historic costume and collecting extant items in the late 19thC especially but …

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