on a personal side

I’ve been trying to get good rest, and try and get out of the fatigue loop.

But sleep is back to being full of dreams that are stressful.

So last night I had a dream about little Sam, my childhood kitty, and that I couldn’t find my Boo. So I was crying in my sleep and for real. It can be difficult to want to sleep when that is a nightly occurrence. But I am awake, I an on earl grey tea number two and going to set up to do some laying down of braid 🙂 Well tinting some, laying down others 🙂




by michaela de bruce, September 5, 2014

Rush makeup that is way too flat. But hey!


Also I am about to puddle because Mr Boo Boo does indeed have cancer and I am just glad they are “cosmetic” and pain “only” so I have had a wine on not enough food because I have a sad. Not as much as he has- he wants outside so badly. But he also has a toe injury so he is Not Allowed Out!


But the cheeks do what they need, I’m just going to use very little to no pigments. The deadener also works. The nose prosthetic has a gant bubble in it so no it won’t work as a stunt piece but for demonstration purposes it’s great!

Also, I love the self adhesive properties (will try for 300% not 100% next time) and I can’t wait to get Madame VASTRA done!!!!!!



by admin, July 29, 2014

So I do admit to getting a buzz when people make the “ooo” face and  when they see my workroom 🙂

It’s not ego, well sort of, but it’s that same gleam of inspiration you get when you break down a complex process and Ideas ™ form in the other person.

Yes it’s fantastic and humbling when people appreciate your work but so much more when you see someone else thinking about their own potential.

It’s not about intimidation but about inspiration. It is probably the single biggest inspiration/motivation for me to keep going as well. So yes, it is partially selfish, except I rarely think about it in the moment, only after 🙂 So I will never ever ever want to give up one on one time with people who need an ear or maybe just a small hint in a direction they never thought of.

And it’s always interesting to see where eyes go first 🙂 Usually not to the floor (which I may as well just cover in self leveling epoxy at this stage, except lol, how??) or spider webs 🙂

Welcome to my costume wonderland, open for help or Ideas ™ or relaxing in a very green zone out west 🙂 I have a tea drop and even a heater 🙂

And occasional fuzzy or feathered visitors. Sadly mamma duck appears to have not survived her last clutch 🙁 Mr Boo loves it out there and occasionally a Mr Thomas (gingy boy) will nose around.