yes slipped rib

Got an actual Dx today. Exactly what I thought, slipped rib, but a treatment plan of sorts 🙂

So last week I pressed my 8th rib with a bit of force- well not really I was leaning over a chair and must have hooked between the 7th and 8th ribs (easy to do as they sit differently) and when I moved pushed one in. I can usually wiggle the joins anyway so this is something to be aware of for life.

But it’s definitely popped out- the connection between cartilage and bone split so I have a long recovery and I need to take it seriously to try and help the rib settle back in place as well as it can.

So rest, good posture, and more rest. So I need to avoid crowds for a while in case I get jostled and any knitting over the break gets disturbed.


Several years ago I broke my toe. Then rebroke it. And again it was the connection between bone and cartilage that I broke so this is something I need to take seriously.


I feel stupid for injuring myself so easily, but my GP is also aware that I have been on long term medication for a long term disease and that has consequences. SO it wasn’t a stupid injury, it was the result of serious issues that I need to be super careful about. Like upping Vit D. Right now also am having lots of iron and B12

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