all the frazzled frau

I now have enough fabric to make two gowns in black silk. But I am so torn!

Anne of Denmark, Cranach

Except now I have a desire to finally make my fave Cranach of all time:

That would be Judith, Salome is sans sword with platter.

This Beham portrait though has been on my faves list since I started my Frazzled Frau site. It’s kind of not been a priority to restore due to pinterest being easy to update and so many people now can access museums from their phones so can pin at a rate faster than I can.

I do have a FF pin board, and I try to only share links to the institutions that house the artwork. So there is still value in the board and the name- it means everything is properly sourced 🙂

And finally I adore this. So want a late Nurenburg frock so much! (This is from bildindex, found my stash of FF files so yep, will try and rebuild it properly, even if it’s on pinterest.


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