I got carried away..

I still have the 1880-s to go. The original site is prone to falling over, so this has taken many hours today! but I do like that there is a very clear change while retaining useful elements.

I’ve kept the large preview images in my site with links to them on the site. I was going to link to the scaleable images but they can be even more unstable than the images/pages.

Also, now that I’ve found the original files I’d love to give credit to the person who has already lined created files with lines in different colours. I’d like to link from here as I have links to the instruction pages here.

|| DER BAZAR-1857-1898 ||

-patterns from der bazar- corsets-1850s

-patterns from der bazar- corsets-1860s

-patterns from der bazar- corsets-1870s

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