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#ahsokatano sculpt, the clay rings are to hold the sculpt to the desk. #ahsokatano sculpt prepping for mold making. Built up as much support out of foam as I could and melting clay while doing so. I may want to clean all of this after! Definitely will be mixing in some other colours. Purple and blue? #ahsokatano from the side. Polystyrene and clay support them clay wall. That brick red? 2.5 kg. There are 2.24 pounds per kg. I think there is about 6kg of grey clay. It fills a crock pot anyway.
#ahsokatano mold with retaining walls. I looove this stage. I mean it's fiddly as all get and no one really appreciates the artistry involved, but it is several hours of work to get to this point. #ahsokatano mold is really not even close to cured! Thus is two full days and it is still soft enough to carve. Great for tidying up but oooh, not good! #ahsokatano left to rest. I checked and it is cool enough to leave it be. While it steams it is prone to cracking but this is quite cool. The towels are wet to help this cure.
#ahsokatano 10kg of ultracal plaster, about. 3l of water, big guess there though, and the top of. The mold is made! #ahsokalives mold being transfered, note the towel. Also used to move the full mold to the floor.
#ahsokalives clay walls in the crockpot and on the desk. #ahsokatano #ahsokalives. Sculpt ready for molding the back. There was a lot of tidying including cutting the wih head right back. #ahsokatano #ahsokalives mold back. Fresh ultracal is the best! So much faster to work with.
#ahsokalives mess left over from molding the back. A lot tidier than I was for the front! Tidy area is vital so you don't trip or ruin furniture. Note all the sheeting- I reuse where possible.
#ahsokalives mold tidying #ahsokalives mold restinng in the sun. Should help soften clay inside mold as well as finish the cure of the mold. 50 pounds of mold right there.
#ahsokalives ? #ahsokaisfree !!! That was insanely easy to demold, seriously so happy as I can now move the molds more easily and to follow the sun! #ahsokatano is free!!!!!!! The heat from the sun softened the clay and the fibrgalss so that I could break it apart. I really can't touch the clay that's left until it is cool enough to peel out. But woot!