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by michaela de bruce, September 13, 2014

Maleficent’s gown is just not cooperating (chiffon velvet being an ass???????) so it is hanging on the form until it does.

But I was thinking of a livestream tomorrow of sculpting. I may be able to charge and hook up my camera to my big computer for a reasonable option. Unless I can do so google thing with my phone.

So the big one on the form is Vastra.

(scroll down)

(Vastra and Alaya/Rastac)

Videos of demonstrating the real dea


And my own progress on Vastra, Maleficent, and others to help me feel confident in making a full face silicon prosthetic. I’ll need a thicker undeadened layer on the pieces for a bit more stability. And some green pigment. With powder it seems to hold paint better so hopefully… Same routine for mold release for both though.

So, sleep so I can hopefully use this:

Livestreaming of the process. Will focus on cleaning and tidying.And the complete tools I use 🙂

SEPT 14 Silurian tidy up