I am multi-coloured

Just finished mixing white glue with three types of interference pigment and painted them over different coloured paper 🙂 And squirted a can of foam in to the body of my mannequin. I wish the stuff expanded faster.
Anyway, the interference pigments are to see what will look best if I do make my femshep armour. And which one…. I do love the gear in 3, it’s just lat little more intuitive even if it is more difficult.
I will finish Nyreen for sure. Pretty sure. Just gotta get this mannequin to the point I can at least use the torso! I have had to cut off her bust because though the shape was natural (sort of sagged out to the side) real breasts that shape are also squishy. So they tend to put armour out of shape. My shop torso has the same issue but she is a little… uplifted so works better as a base to sculpt over at least., if not form armour over.

I’ll likely make a skin of knit fabric and see how that looks then resin it to make a nice surface. I have previously filled in her extreme sway and hollow back, so that needs to be covered too!

Another couple of cans of foam and I’ll get the arms and legs also cut down. About 2″ for each thigh and arm. But I need some resin so it’ll be a while before I can buy that.

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