Convention planning :)

So overly committed but I shall delegate! All the delegation for people who know what to do and where 9tech, wrangling, etc etc)

But on to my own costuming.. I am totally lost as to what to wear. I desperately want to make Madam Vastra but I already have Nyreen Started… I’d love to finish my Think of Me gown as a big princess sparkly costume, but the masquerade is the night before the contest and that is just a big no. So it might be for the contest… if there is a Mass Effect group planned for the contest day at the least anyway. If no group I may wear Nyreen.

But Vastra… I could get away with my Wishing gown as another dress in her wardrobe (it’s similar ish to her hardly seen polonaise.)

And there is Talon. Really want to wear her properly too. Time to finish most of these projects given the stages they are at. But which ones? There is the Melbourne as well as the Auckland show. For Melbourne perhaps Nyreen? Possible to wear both days given the lack of much body painting.

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  1. There are two ME groups planned for Auckland comp day, to my knowledge! I’m doing Garrus with a friend as Tali, and I know another friend is planning a group of Liara+Tali+Femshep. Also, I’ve heard rumors of another Liara and maybe someone doing a Kasumi (though I don’t know if these two are for comp or hall). The Mass Effect love should be strong at Auckgeddon this year!

  2. Excellent, though not so much for me That said I have obvioisly worn the gear before. Also freaking cool idea just came to me. I am a huge nerd. So will have to draw up plans tomorrow.

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