Wow this costume department is amazing! Seriously, this gown contains some spoilers, though it is a natural extension of what we have seen in the second series. Just think about where that collar shape was first seen…

This is why I love costume. Its not about prety frocks, it’s not just about gret technique, it’s about character. And sometimes it makes you think and put pieces of a puzzle together.

This show does costumes like I have wanted see to on film and tv for a bloody long time. My feelings on the show itself are a bit more complex (which is also something I have wanted for a very long time!). If you don’t have a clue about symbolism you can still at least see that there are regional differences in clothing and hair- defined by the elements and the clannish aspects to the families.

It’s everything we ever learnt in the great costume design books right there, actually used.

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