Cinderella :)

So I finally have a chance to make and wear one of my fave Disney costumes: Cinderella 🙂 I am being cheeky and doing a blend of promo and actual costume. So it is light blue with a silver overlay. I have *just* enough of the blue from Glinda’s petals to make the skirt and bodice and a bodice for glinda. So in theory it only is the netting that is new. I was going to use some of my stunning shot blue taffeta but I really do think that is better for a smocked francaise, 1660s or Guardainfanta gown. I only have nearly 9m of it so it’s not an option.
Might just drape it on the stand to see how it looks 😉
But yes. Cinders 🙂 Light and able to be packed with minimal fuss and finally a chance to use my own (newly naturally curly) hair for a vintage look 🙂

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