Excellent day :)

Spent with V. and little J. we went hunting for linen and pigments for V. and I was randomly looking for stuff 😉

I have more air for my airbrush! Woo! just until I find an appropriate compressor to match my airbrush (matching PSI and physical connections).

I also have some pure pigment 🙂 I will mix it in with my white latona and start sponging my Asari tentacles 🙂

Also lace for Mon Mothma! Woo! That was the last thing I needed to finish the never ending “simple” project from 2005 0_O

And finally 36m (more like 40 or 45) of gold plaited braid 🙂 I will finally make my Guardainfanta! Woo! Just need to decide what fabric to use. Satin is nearly exclusively used but  may look at what I have in stash. I have my lovely shot blue taffeta which is earmarked for a francaise but that should be no more than 9m for skirt, robe, and robings which should leave 7m if I do indeed have 16m of it (can’t recall how much was left on the roll).

Also the crinkle shot taffeta may be able to be pressed flat and that would be really nice. But that may also be a fantasy dress of some sort.

If I could find reference to velvet I’d love to use thepale velvet I got from Sallies the other month. Some research is in o

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