A couple of shows on a really large scale..

This Is It, Auckland Domain was the big Auckland Millennium production. I’m listed as Core Cast, there were about 50 of us and we were mainly extras 😉

i think there were 200,000 in the audience?

I got to be a Barbarian, and it was here I had a very good lesson in why you have safety rules.. I nearly lost an eye to an over enthusiastic person with a real metal sword. It was blunt but I got hit on the edge of my eye socket barely a few inches from the tip. Had it been the tip it would have been in my eye.

I did get to be a colonialist and Queen Elizabeth 1. I would like to actually play her one day in some performance or other.

Celtic Dance Force. Toured upper North Island and did a big single show at the Aotea Centre as a reunon later that year. I’m listed as an Actor with two others, but we did sing a parody song as well. I remember my lines and I think someone grabbed them from me and put them on another site but they got them a little wrong (feis not face 😉 ) here it is:

When you’re dancing Irish Style,

You must never ever smile,

For enjoyment there’s no place,

So keep a blank expression on your poker face.

Hair in ringlets is a must.

Real Irish dancers have no bust.

It might sound mysterious,

But then again a feis is bloody serious.

Dance on the spot step to the side,

Look like your favourite cat has died.

You’re only goal must be to win-

‘Cause having fun at feises is a mortal sin.

The first actress has a weary character, the second super enthusiastic and I mine was po’faced. So my dress was black. With a couple of celtic knot dogs on the front- Geddit?

We then proceeded to step dance. Very badly. It was for this I learnt a very silly costume trick of how to make knickers fall on cue. No one figured out how I did it. Yay. Umm.. yeah. I need to find a recording of it…

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