NASDA 2nd year performance programme.

Oh what do I say about my time at NASDA… Keep to the positive 😉

Elric Hooper actually suggested Glitter and Be Gay would be a perfect song for me. He said it with that look and his little “hmm” sound so it was definitely meant and as a compliment. When I was constantly given “and then she dies” kinds of songs this was quite nice…

Oh and I sing that song with gusto you better believe it 😉 Both in the superficial way that Cheno got to and the sardonic manner it probably should be. It’s from Candide after all.

Anyway, I got to do a lot of costume work in first and second years naturally 😉

Fantasia: Fear a’ bhata, The Boatman. I sang mainly English and these in particular. For a lovely rendition.

A Palace of Varieties: I got to sing Rosa’s Confession. One of the possible endings for Drood. (Moonfall is magical to sing though and I would give almost anything to sing the Moonfall Quartet). Also Girl’s of the Night as a duet, I sang Lucy’s part.

Classic Scenes: I played Desdemona in a funky silvery Italian Ren. costume hired from Court Theatre. I prefered the purple velevet Bugundian/malificent hybrid 😉

Had most fun as a yokel in the scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream.

LEAP!: self directed scenes. I set mine in a rose garden. Started with a few bars of Come to my Garden ended with The King’s Noyse playing a measure leading in to Schiarazula Marazula (you need to hear that version, it is amazing).

I used roses as a motif for the words and ideas others gave me. During the change in music I started to frantically look for something other than blasted roses. As the music started to speed up I tore roses apart and rebuilt one single bloom, One that was all my own.

I handed one of the original roses (back) to the singing director. It was a bit naughty but a really valid artistic point.

Strike Up the Band: Vocal assessment week. Mrs draper? Shared role.

Jane Eyre: Played Miss Sc(r)atchard and Georgiana and random village folk.

The Apple Tree: Najira and paper boy. But I understudied and performed Eve. What an amazing character. Loved her to bits.

In year one we had some closed performances. Twilight Fancies and The Black Swan were my favourite songs I got to perform. Both slightly odd and jarring musically.

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