Singing contests. I am missing my 1996 NSPACS and WAMYF programmes which is a pity as I only remember one class I entered for NS.

1995 NSPACS:

Class 242 Solo from Light Opera, Musical Comedy or Gilbert and Sullivan (in costume) 16 and under 20 years. (Acting and Singing to be Judged) Winner to receive the Donnell Cup and $30, Second $15, Third $5. Prizes donated by Mr and Mrs K Donnell.

I  was entry 8 and sang Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again in my very first ever costume and won 🙂 I still have the main part of the costume as a reminder of what can be done 🙂

Class 239 Sacred Solo: 18 and under 20 years. Own Selection. Bethlehem Down (I thought I got a commended or highly commended)

Class 237 National Song: ditto, ditto. There Was a lad Was Born in Kyle

Class 238: Ballad: ditto, ditto. Stuttering Lovers

class 236 Vocal solo: ditto, ditto Caro Mio Ben (when has this not been a first song???)

APACS 1996 (I think)

Class 9 Gerald Lee Memorial Vocal Award 18 and under 21 (a) own selection (b) national FOlk or Traditional Song The Magpie and the Little Gipsy, I know Where I’m Goin’.

Class 10 Classical Aria ditto Se tu m’ami

Class 11 British Art Song ditto Ann’s Cradle Song

1996 West Auckland Mini Youth Festival

Classical Aria, Se tu ma’ami, 1st

Foreign solo Mareinwurmchen 1st

Musical Theatre Solo If I loved You 3rd

Scottish/Hebridean Turn Ye To Me 3rd

NSPACS 2006, Senior Vocal Programme

246a/b Solo from Light Opera or Musical Comedy: in costume WYWSHA proper blue dress- possibly went against me as I looked like I was more interested in the costume, it does happen that it counts against you.

248 Solo in Gilbert and Sullivan: In costume How would I play this Part. I came second.

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