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XD This was in repsonse to the “parents owning power tools” suggestion a few days ago. Having your own that you saved up for is so much more satisfying than borrowing. And then when they break there is no guilt only the frustration of having to buy another 😉
Also being able to use them whenever you like, magic.

Oh I do count my sewing machines as power tools 😉 They are we just tend to not think of them as so but they have motors and gears and use mains power…

At any time I will be using one of the following:

Industrial overlocker

Heat Gun

Rotary Tool (cutting, sanding, drilling)

Detail sander

Soldering Iron

Stretch Sewing Machine

Domestic overlocker

Heavy duty all metal sewing machine

Next step is to get a few stations to make soldering and drilling/cutting etc easier. I really need them. My soldering is messy because I’m trying to hold things as well as the iron and I can’t do both without a big glob of solder being the result. And drilling would be easier on a guide to keep things perfectly perpendicular.

And clamps. I need a lot of clamps to hold molds together and to hold pieces while gluing.

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